The MT/191 drop-ship was a shuttle, troop transport, and dropship manufactured by Meller & Dax.


Meller & Dax's MT/191 drop-ship was a troop transport and shuttle designed to drop company-sized army formations from orbit into combat zones.[3] Measuring 52.5 meters, the drop-ship was crewed by a single pilot and carried one hundred and sixty soldiers.[1] MT/191s had a cargo capacity of two hundred metric tons, and consumables to last a single day.[2]

The MT/191 drop-ship was designed to rapidly drop from orbit to the surface of a planet in a controlled powerdive. Before launching, the drop-ship was covered in VACX, an ablative coating designed to burn off during atmospheric re-entry. As the drop-ship plummeted to the surface,[1] the ablative coating protected the drop-ship from the high-friction temperature of re-entry,[3] protecting the ship before it landed in a controlled fashion. MT/191s were also able to approach and land on the surface of a planet in a normal manner.[1] The MT/191 could reach speeds of 1,200 kilometers an hour during a rapid drop, and speeds of 650 kilometers an hour during the return flight.[2]

The MT/191 employed a single light laser cannon for defense, located directly above the cockpit. The cannon was generally retracted into the body of the drop-ship, and could only fire when extended.[1] The laser cannon could not be extended during an atmospheric drop.[3] The weapon was not intended for combat, and was only to be used as a deterrent as the ship travelled through combat zones.[1] Underpowered, it was only intended for use as an anti-personnel and anti-vehicle weapon during landing operations.

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