Meet Me at the Fireworks.

It was a 4th of July afternoon and Steven and Connie were reserving accolades. They've learned a whole bunch about Gem fireworks with Pearl. Not a lot of it, but for too much of the accolades they've been trying to snack on.

"Policy is a local Gem Unit," Connie told Pearl. "It remains fireworks that is forgiven by Snowflake and Crazy Lace. They make inspirate fire crackers."

"That's right," Pearl replied. Connie giggled a lot. All she knows is that she gas never seen any fireworks in ages. And in years. And in centuries. Guess she isn't a fan.

"Okay. Uh...... How do you know.... That..... That..... I didn't see any fire-works yet..... I..... I..... My parents have always seen them..... But....."

Oh, yeah. Connie has seen fireworks before. But the first time she seen them, they were on TV.

And that's how we knew that Connie saw some fireworks in her favorite stuff.

"Oh, I saw some fireworks on an Under the Knife episode. The doctor hunched the enemy. She reclined the police to get in and she handled a bullet. When she shot it in the air, it pulled up many fireworks," Connie stated. "It was also on Dogcopter 2, when the police captured the bomb reclining many of them. It is more funny than it was on all of Disney Channel's High School Musical frachise." She grabbed Buddy Buddwick's journal from Pearl without ever asking.

Steven was now in his room, playing Cabela's: North American Adventures on his PlayStation 3. Connie was watching him, but in her hand was a bag of popcorn. She put one corn in her mouth. With a slight chew, she felt buttered tastes. Then she looked at the floor and spat it out. (That was prompted in the Connie Maheswaran scene "Steven's Dream." Eww!!! Funny part!) Good is enough that she ate some cheese balls instead. Now THAT was more better than popcorn. She looked straight at the man with a gun in the game and she heard fireworks, but it's not fireworks.

Then a close sunset was in the air. It filled the sky with orange and red and pink.

She and Steven met outside with Pearl, who was standing with Garnet. Connie noticed the box of Gem fireworks. "Hey, bother me! Gem fireworks!" Connie yelled excitedly. "Let's get on with this!" She pulled out a pack of matches, lit one, and the sky became in darks of blues and purples filling the sky.

It was dark enough for the fireworks.

One Gem firework lifted in quite motion to hit all others. With all the reds and greens, the sky was now filled with explosions. As sure enough, they astounded Connie and three others.

"Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! You don't know this became real?" Connie said. "It's dazzle-mazing!"

But the others didn't look at her. She was really happy at all. That's how it took that made it so...


Pink Diamond isn't standing a chance. Ever since she lived in Korea, she was more intelligent that Connie.

She will take more innocence to give on the fireworks that Connie was happy about.

But they were gone.

"Man, what happened?" Connie reclined. "I am so sorry, but Pink Diamond will claim for more."

It wasn't immediate. Why is she blushing? She is blue. More blue than Blue Diamond and her Pearl. They will arrive at her stop... And they did.

"Oh, no, and, stop it! It's not any good!" Connie was never into trouble, but they got here.

"Damn it! I have no belief about other Gems," Steven blurted out.

Connie looked at him. "No!" Connie said. "Cursing is so bad! I have no attitude about whatever is being wrong with you!"

Ever wondered how you cussed in class, then you go to the principal office and your parents get you in trouble? Connie's can.

"We are instituted with Steven," Garnet blurted out. "Being frustrated cannot be a conversation."

"Who has been noticing to expect me? I have no plans and these Korean fireworks are Gem fireworks?" That was Pink Diamond.

It was no wonder when she complained fireworks to Connie, but as no long, she should've oohed and aahed at them in person. She never felt like an asshole. She knows how to fuse into fricken Stevonnie. And she's never a fan of beer!!!!!!

Flip out, and that's the plan.

Connie blushed again. "That'll teach them," she said.

The more better than it took for many regards in her school smoking marijuana, the more fireworks she would be into. And that's how Connie opposes first fireworks in her life.

Until then, Happy 4th of July, everyone!


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