Mythic Marvels is a prequel series to Mythic Gems.

Only Season Edit

Ep 1 Sentry training: Brownyn, Eris and Monty try to secretly get out of sentry training.

Ep 2 Prosthetics: During a trip through Sinridden Bridge, Monty has rushed regenerations that give him more prosthetics.

Ep 3 Pink Diamond's ship: The gems try to fix The old ship of Pink Diamond.

Ep 4 Hijacked!: The gems get hijacked by their old Sentry Trainers.

Ep 5 A home to live in: The gems Create their first temple.

Special 1 The trainers strike back: The Sentry Trainers Come back one last time, and this time they're having some "special friends" over.

Special 2 The Brown gem: Taking 600 years after the Series, The Gems Find Dallas and train him.

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