Theory about Bubbled artifacts Edit

After the confrontation between Steven Jasper and Peridot, it's pretty obvious some big events are coming their way. With the crystal gems under surveillance by the home world planet, I believe a war is on the rise again. As strong as Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, and Steven are, I believe they'll be needing more help.

Here comes my theory: All the artifacts and gems the crystal gems have been collected will become stevens new army. 

Recall that Lapis Lazuli was first introduced as a mirror. Upon Steven freeing the gem, she came to life albeit damaged. Pearl then confessed that all the monsters they fought were originally gems like themselves, however they became corrupted.

I believe that their gems were damaged in some way and became corrupted. Hence, the crystal gems started fighting them and bubbled them. It seems like Steven's healing spit can save them, as he did with Lapis Lazuli, but it's probably more than that. Pearl even said Rose tried to help them and it didn't work. And, if it was the tears/spit that made them uncorrupted, they could have easily dumped the artifacts/gems in Rose's healing spring and be restored.

SInce that is not the case, I believe Steven is the key to freeing the gems. He'll be able to restore all the gems, probably over a couple of episodes, and be able to face the homeworld gems on a more fair scale. 

Please comment your opinions! This is all just speculation on my behalf, and I would loove to hear what you guys have to input! There's so much potential for Steven Universe I can hardly contain myself!

-nickxjay17 02:20, April 3, 2015 (UTC)

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