The story begins with the Crystal Gems falling down a hole. Once they land, Pearl wonders where they are, and Garnet says she has no idea. The Gems come across a sign that says "Abandon All Your Hope Ye Who Enters Here". After advancing further down, they come across the gates of Hell. After breaking their way through, the Gems find themselves standing before Hell itself. Steven suggests finding whoever's in charge and asking the way out, but Garnet says that won't be easy. Just then, a group of demons appear appear and engage the Gems in combat. The Gems hold their ground and continue onward. The Gems then see themselves in the distance. Upon closer examination, they find that these creatures are doppleganger demons, and the demons attack the Gems. The Gems defeat the demons and continue. After many battles and trials, the Gems find themselves outside the palace of Satan himself, first asking him to answer the door, but after getting no response, Garnet breaks the door down, and the Gems call him out. When Satan reveals himself, Steven asks if he knows the way out, but Satan refuses to answer, telling the Gems they'll never make it out of this alive. In the ensuing battle, Satan nearly has the Gems defeated, but Garnet and Amethyst fuse into Sugilite and put the smackdown on Satan, claiming victory for the Gems. As they begin celebrating, Steven wakes up in his bed in the morning, revealing that the Gems' journey was nothing more than a dream.