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    about this wiki

    November 23, 2013 by Cdskl

    are you seriously trying to pass this off as a wiki?

    "stevenuniversefanon" makes more sense than "steven-universe-fanon". "stevenuniversefanon" is a typical fanon name, such as "adventuretimefanon" and "regularshowfanon". the ones without hyphens make more sense, thus making this wiki.. bad. even if that isn't the case, it looks foul and repulsive.

    if you want to make this a good wiki, add more pages and actually contribute and promote people that do good

    make it look better without the stupid default background, get a real logo, get some grammar, and slap it onto this wiki if you want a real masterpiece. what i did do was wrong, and i am truly sorry, but if you want a good wiki i suggest you take my advice for that.

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