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  • I live in My imagination, after all, there is no place I know that can compare. (refrencing like a boss.)
  • I was born on March 15
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  • Totalmudwing564

    So, we may be small. We may not have much, compared to the other fanon wiki. BUT WE STILL HAVE SOMETHING, HOPE! 

    What I'm really trying to say is that this wiki needs some work and cleaning up done. A lot of the canon character's pages DON'T EVEN HAVE ANYTHING ON THEM EXCEPT FOR EMPTY TEMPLATES! THAT'S WHY THE WIKI NEEDS YOUR HELP! 

    How can you help exactly? Well, first make all uncatergorized pages put into catergories. If no catergories apply, ask me or any other admin that is hopefully active to make that catergory. 

    Another thing you can do is get some pictures! Pictures are another great part of wikia, if we have a large selection of pictures, it makes the wiki more appealing. If you have an artsy side or at least a decent photo editor, …

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